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Tax changes - Budget 2012
Ngā ture tāke hou

Budget changes from 1 April 2013


Find out about changes to KiwiSaver contributions rate, employing primary and secondary schoolchildren, ML and MLSL tax codes, and the student loan repayment rate.

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Taxing employer contributions (ESCT)

Find out about taxing employer superannuation cash contributions (employer contributions).

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KiwiSaver for individuals 

Find out about changes to KiwiSaver rates if you're an employee, and if you're under 18 and enrolled in a KiwiSaver scheme.

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Tax changes for children

The tax credit for children was repealed from 1 April 2012 and the entitlement to claim it was withdrawn in May 2012.

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Tax credits for individuals

Individuals can no longer claim the childcare and housekeeper tax credit, and tax credit for income under $9,880 for the 2012-2013, and future tax years.

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Student loans changes 

Changes to student loans in Budget 2012 include a repayment rate increase, repeal of the voluntary repayment bonus and other changes.

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