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Duties and levies
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Duties and levies

Gaming machines: Gaming machine duty

Gaming machine duty

Gaming machine duty (GMD) is payable on the profits an organisation makes from its gaming machines. It is charged at a rate of 20% of the gaming machine profits.

Which machines are gaming machines?

A gaming machine is any machine or device that is adapted or designed, and constructed for use in gambling.

It does not include:

  • a device used only to draw a lottery
  • a random selection device used for housie
  • a device used only to dispense tickets that is not capable of being used to decide the outcome of gambling
  • a communication device that is used both to dispense tickets in and draw a lottery that is a sales promotion scheme.

Who must pay GMD?

All gaming machine operators must register for and pay GMD. This includes:

  • any society licensed to operate gaming machines under the Gambling Act 2003
  • any person not licensed under the Gambling Act 2003 but who operates a gaming machine.

What to do if you're liable for paying GMD

To register as a gaming machine operator, you can apply online or fill in the Gaming machine duty application for registration (IR181) form.

Filing returns and paying the duty

GMD returns must be filed and the duty paid each calendar month. The return and payment are due by the 20th of the following month (eg, the return and payment for October 2013 are due on 20 November 2013).

Once you're registered for GMD, we will send you a Gaming machine duty return (IR680) before the due date each month or you can complete your return online using our e-GMD service.

Problem gambling levy

Problem gambling levy (PGL) is payable on all gaming machine profits. It is charged at 1.31% (plus GST) and is included in the IR680 return.

If you choose to use our e-GMD service, the total payable on your gaming machine profits will be calculated automatically. Otherwise, if you don't want to file online, you can use our Gaming machine duty calculator to help you complete your return.