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Mahia a-rorohiko

IR3 individual income tax return 2011

1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 

If you have received a letter from Inland Revenue with information about how to file your 2011 IR3 return electronically using a DLN number, please note that this process can no longer be used. However, you can still file your return electronically using the instructions below. If you are already a registered user you can access the electronic filing process using your existing login. Alternatively you can follow the instructions on how to register to enable you to file your 2011 IR3 return online. You will not require the DLN to file your return.

If you're:

  • registered for online services and have been issued an IR3 you can file it online. The form will pre-populate with your personal details and earnings information. Go to "Login".
  • not registered for online services, go to "Register" to file your return online. Individual customers cannot use a document lodgement number (DLN) for the 2011 and future years.

If you don't usually file an IR3 return but need to for the 2011 income year, please contact us on 0800 377 774 so we can set you up to file online.

About this service

This service allows individuals to file their income tax return online. This is the same as completing the Individual tax return 2011 (IR3) form.

When to use this service

Use this service when you're ready to file your IR3 online with us.

The numbers to the right of each box of the online return correspond to the question numbers on the paper IR3 return. This means you can use the IR3 guide to help explain each step when filing online.

What you will need

You will need your online services userID and password.

After you finish

When you have submitted this return please print the receipt page, sign and date it and keep it for your tax records.


Unless you have an extension of time you need to submit your IR3 by 7 July 2011.

This service may require you to send confidential information to Inland Revenue so it is located on a secure part of our website to prevent unauthorised interception. If you are unable to access this service, your browser and/or firewall settings may need updating.

Inland Revenue takes online security very seriously. We have systems in place to protect the information you provide us, and regularly update our standards and technology to provide protection for your personal information.

You play an important role in protecting your information by taking basic precautions to protect your computer and data. You should keep your computer secure, only deal online with people and organisations you know and trust, and check that your personal information travels across the internet on secure connections.

There are many resources about computer security (such as websites, books and magazines) that can help guide you on what security precautions are appropriate for your situation.