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Public consultation
Uiuinga tūmatanui

Public Rulings work programme

About the work programme

Towards the end of each financial year Public Rulings prepares a draft programme of priority work for the following year. The criteria for inclusion in the programme are based on such factors as the importance of the issues involved, the level of uncertainty/ambiguity, the number of taxpayers potentially affected, the need to resolve existing issues, and the potential revenue implications. The draft is consulted on with key stakeholders.

This has the advantage of permitting the Public Rulings Unit to plan its work commitments in advance and better ensure that it produces timely and relevant items.

The work programme is updated monthly to advise on progress. This is the 2014-15 work programme.

Download the Public Rulings work programme (as at 13 March 2015)
(PDF | 221kb | 13 pages)


Date published: 16 Mar 2015

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