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OECD - Reports

As part of its continuing work on the taxation aspects of electronic commerce, the OECD has released a comprehensive set of reports and technical papers which illustrate strong progress toward implementation of the Ottawa Taxation Framework Conditions. Taken together, these reports represent a major step forward toward reaching an international consensus on the taxation treatment of E-Commerce.

OECD website

The OECD plays a prominent role in fostering good governance in the public service and in corporate activity. It helps governments to ensure the responsiveness of key economic areas with sectoral monitoring. By deciphering emerging issues and identifying policies that work, it helps policy-makers adopt strategic orientations. It is well known for its individual country surveys and reviews.

Office of the Ombudsmen

The Ombudsmen are appointed by the New Zealand Parliament. Their primary purpose is to inquire into complaints raised against New Zealand central, regional and local government organisations or agencies. They are independent review authorities and are accountable to Parliament, not the Government of the day.

OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions

The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention establishes legally binding standards to criminalise bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions and provides for a host of related measures that make this effective.


If you are living in Australia or the United Kingdom, OrbitRemit offers a low-cost, convenient and secure way to make payments to Inland Revenue. OrbitRemit works alongside your existing internet banking and you can quickly and easily register online. As a registered customer of OrbitRemit, all you will need to make a payment to Inland Revenue is your New Zealand IRD number and the tax period to which your payment relates.


If you are living outside of New Zealand, OFX (previously NZForex) offers a safe, secure, quick and easy international money transfer service with bank-beating exchange rates in 55 currencies. They can help you set up recurring payments to your Inland Revenue account for student loan, child support or other tax-type obligations. Best of all we charge ZERO fees for all IRD payments.