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Technical tax area: Product rulings

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We issue product rulings only if both the following conditions are met:

  • it is not feasible to seek a private ruling on the arrangement (this is generally because the identities of the other parties may not be known), and
  • the characteristics of the taxpayers who may enter into the arrangement do not affect the content of the ruling.

Product rulings are issued by the Office of the Chief Tax Counsel (OCTC) business group of Inland Revenue. Please contact us if you have any inquiries about product rulings.

The table below lists product rulings issued by year and number (BR Prd), with a brief description of the subject matter (earlier years will progressively be added).

Caution should be exercised when considering these product rulings:

  • Product rulings apply only to the arrangement specified in the ruling. A general similarity to an arrangement will not necessarily lead to the same tax result.
  • Rulings generally expire after three years.
  • The table below does not indicate whether a ruling has expired (the expiry date of a ruling is set out in the text under the heading "The period for which this Ruling applies").
  • Occasionally, a ruling is withdrawn before its expiry date. The table below indicates that a ruling has been withdrawn only if the ruling would be current if it had not been withdrawn.

New Zealand Bloodstock Financing and Leasing Ltd

Applicant: New Zealand Bloodstock Financing and Leasing Ltd
This ruling covers the leasing of bloodstock for use in breeding bloodstock progeny to customers by New Zealand Bloodstock Finance and Leasing Limited.

Ruling applies from: Ruling applies from: 7 December 2017 to 7 December 2022

BR Prd 17/06 - PDF format (117 kb | 4 pages)

University of Melbourne

Applicant: University of Melbourne
The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity is a year-long post-graduate educational program led by the University of Melbourne that is open to New Zealand participants. This ruling applies to the financial support received by participants in the program. Participants will receive AU$75,000 over the course of the program, and may be reimbursed for various expenses. The University may also meet some expenses directly.

Ruling applies from: 16 October 2017 to 16 October 2020

BR Prd 17/05 - PDF format (140 kb | 7 pages)

Retirement Income Group Limited

Applicant: Retirement Income Group Limited
This product ruling relates to the Lifetime Income Fund, which is a managed investment scheme in which investors can invest their retirement savings in return for a stream of regular payments for the rest of their life.

Ruling applies from: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022

BR Prd 17/04 - PDF format (121 kb | 8 pages)

Westpac New Zealand Limited

Applicant: Westpac New Zealand Limited
This ruling relates to a mortgage offset arrangement where customers can elect to use the balance of eligible accounts to offset against home loan accounts, to reduce interest payable on those home loan accounts.

Ruling applies from: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2022

BR Prd 17/03 - PDF format (143kb | 7 pages)

Kiwibank Limited

Applicant: Kiwibank Limited
Kiwibank offers its customers the “Kiwibank Offset Mortgage” (the Product). The Product allows a customer to elect that interest payable by them on a loan made by Kiwibank be calculated by offsetting the balance of the loan against the aggregate credit balances of certain nominated transaction and savings and investments bank accounts held either by that customer or by certain other eligible person(s). Interest is payable on the net notional balance of these combined accounts. The Product was previously only available only to individual customers. It will now be made available to business customers, including companies and trusts.

Ruling applies from: 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2021

BR Prd 17/01 - PDF format (312kb | 7 pages)

Logbook Me Pty Limited and Fleet NZ Limited

Applicant: Logbook Me Pty Limited and Fleet NZ Limited
This product ruling applies to the use of LogbookMe, a cloud-based online platform which uses an on-board electronic recording device to log data about vehicular trips. LogbookMe can be used by New Zealand individuals and businesses to record all vehicle journeys. It allows the driver to classify and generate reports on the business use of the vehicle. This subsequently enables the calculation of a business use percentage.

Ruling applies from: 1 April 2017 to 1 April 2020

BR Prd 17/02 - PDF format (147kb | 9 pages)

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