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Working for Families Tax Credits
Ngā tukunga tāke me whakaruruhau te iwi

What you're entitled to if you share the care for one or more children

What it is

Shared care means that you share the care of a child with someone else, for example an ex-spouse or ex-partner.

What you're entitled to

You can claim Working for Families Tax Credits if a shared care arrangement is intended to be in place for four months or more and the child is in your care, on average, at least one third of the time. Over a year this is at least 122 days a year or five days every fortnight.


Paul is a teacher. He has care of his daughter Nina mainly during the school holidays and every second weekend. Paul is entitled to Working for Families Tax Credits because 12 weeks of school holidays = 84 days, and every second weekend = 40 days, in total 124 days.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about Working for Families Tax Credits shared care, please call 0800 227 773.


Working for Families Tax Credits and child support have different rules for shared care. If you're a paying parent or custodian and want to discuss your child support shared care, please call 0800 221 221.


Date published: 14 Jul 2009

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