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Check your payments

Payments are made to an eligible parent known as the principal care giver. We encourage you to check your payments regularly whether you're paid weekly, fortnightly or in an annual lump sum. If you think you're not getting the correct amount please contact us immediately.

When you receive your payment

The table below explains when you receive your payment.

If you are paid... then you receive your payment...


every week on Tuesday.


every fortnight on Tuesday.

in an annual lump sum

around July after the end of the tax year (31 March).

If it's a public holiday weekend

If Monday or Tuesday is a public holiday, Working for Families Tax Credits payments scheduled for that week may be paid early. The following week, payments will be made on Tuesday, as normal.


We will post a message about an early payment in News and updates on our homepage.

What to do when you've checked your payment

The table below explains what to do when you've checked your payment.

If... then... Find out more...

your payment is correct and you don't have any change of circumstances

you don't need to contact us.


you think we paid you too much or too little money

you should check whether we have the right details about your family or income.

If we paid you the wrong amount of money

you want to change your payment option, or your bank or building society account

you should read the page that explains how to do this and what information we require.

Change when and how to get paid

you have a change of family or income circumstances

you should contact us immediately.

Contact us about a change in your family or income

Find out more

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