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Due to recent changes to our system, some of our processing timeframes have changed as well. Here are the current expected timeframes for some common processes.

GST registration

If you register for GST in myIR, we'll process your registration within 5 working days. Alternatively, you can register over the phone and we'll process your registration immediately.

GST return

Once you file a GST return, we'll process it and any associated refunds within 15 working days.

IRD number application

Due to the number of applications we're receiving at the moment, our processing time for IRD number applications may be slightly longer than usual. If you've applied for an IRD number, we'll let you know when it's been processed.

If your application is urgent, we'll aim to process it within 48 hours.

If you're applying for an IRD number for a new company, we'll process it at the same time the company is registered.

myIR messages

We'll respond to any messages sent to us within myIR within 15 working days of when we receive them.

Tax credit claim form - IR526

We'll process tax credit claim forms within 12 weeks from when we receive them. If you need to file an Individual tax return - IR3 for the same tax year, you'll need to submit this before the tax credit claim form can be processed.

Tax returns

We'll process any tax returns within 10 weeks from the date we receive them.

Technical referral

We'll process any technical referrals within 4 working days.