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New Tax Technical website now available to preview

IR has released a beta version of the new Tax Technical website, designed to help tax specialists find technical answers more quickly.

You can preview the new site at

This new site is designed for tax specialists with more advanced needs. It offers:

  • a single place for TIB issues, public consultation, and Tax Technical publications (rulings, determinations, etc.)
  • better (and faster) search, including the ability to search for exact phrases using quotes
  • a What's New page that makes it easier to find the latest publications
  • new look and feel consistent with the main IR website

We encourage tax specialists to visit the beta site and try it out. You can send us your comments by using the Feedback link on each page.

Over the next few weeks, this beta site will run alongside the current Tax Technical pages on the classic IR website. Once we confirm that it’s working well (based on our testing and your feedback), we will retire the older pages in favour of the new site. We expect this to happen in May.

We’ll continue to improve the new site in stages throughout 2020. For details, see the Upcoming Features page on the new site.