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A new paid parental leave section is now available in myIR. You can view and update your paid parental leave information, including your contact and bank account details and change of circumstances.

You can also request a transfer of paid parental leave entitlements to a partner in myIR.

You can now apply for paid parental leave in myIR.

Apply for paid parental leave


We can pre-populate some information we already hold for you such as:

  • contact details
  • name of your employer(s)
  • an estimate of your average weekly income.

This change means you no longer need your employer to sign or verify the information in your application.


We can pre-populate some of your details if you're self-employed. You still need to provide us with your income details.

This change means you no longer need your tax agent (or anyone with the authority to sign a statutory declaration) to verify the information in your application.

Payments are now made earlier in the week

You’ll now receive your paid parental leave payments on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. If you're a credit union customer who previously received your payments on Fridays, you'll now receive payments on Wednesdays.

Your first fortnightly payment in March will be in your account on Tuesday 16 March, or Wednesday 17 March for some credit union customers.

Payments could be in your account at any time in the day, depending on when your bank processes it.

If you have any automatic payments set up with your bank, please check and make sure they aren’t affected by the change. Also make sure any regular payments you make will not be affected by the new payment day.

Employers and tax agents

We’re now able to pre-populate paid parental leave applications in myIR with employer information. This change means employers and tax agents no longer need to verify income details for employees or clients applying for paid parental leave.

If you have paid parental leave application – IR880 forms or links to the form on our website, please remove these.