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Changes in representation takes time. We have a significant level of diversity in our front line, lower paid roles, so it is likely that we may not see a full closure of our average pay gaps. However, the actions in our roadmap since 2018 have been designed to create, build on and embed the foundations for meaningful change through our people programmes and policies. Then to support the foundations with a focus on the way we behave and the decisions we make, both as leaders and as employees at Inland Revenue.

Through the actions detailed in our roadmap we should see the diversity of our workforce more evenly spread and our representation picture change.

Over time we should expect to see:

  1. 1. An increase in the percentage of woman in technical segments and technical leadership roles. 
  2. 2. An increase in Māori representation in senior, more influential positions - both people and technical leadership. 
  3. 3. An increase in Pasifika representation in senior, more influential positions - both people and technical leadership. 
  4. 4. An increase in representation across other ethnicities – including Asian and Middle Eastern, Latin American, and African (MELAA).
  5. 5. An increase in the percentage of people in both staff and leadership roles working in flexible ways (for example location, hours of work).
  6. 6. A continuation of the majority of our people responding positively in surveys about their experience of inclusion. 

How quickly we can increase representation is dependent on multiple factors: the external market, a brand that attracts diverse people, our turnover and tenure, which determines how often vacancies arise, and the decisions leaders make when recruiting or supporting the career development of their people.

Last updated: 14 Nov 2022
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