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A line graph showing Inland Revenue's gender pay gap from 2016 to 2022
  • Our Gender Pay Gap at the time of publishing this report is 16.7%.
  • This is a decrease of 3.7% since 2016 and 1.4% since 2021.
  • The pay gap change is impacted by concurrent increases in female representation in lower paid roles.

Line graph show female representation across pay levels. Salary level in thousands is on the horizontal axis. Difference between male and female representation is on the vertical axis.

  • Female representation has been increasing year-on-year across Inland Revenue.
  • Most noted shift in representation is in roles above $162K where we have now achieved gender balance.
  • There is an opportunity to focus on roles with pay between $112,000 and $162,000 where representation progress has been slower.
  • Based on the percentage of females in leadership roles, the opportunity sits within higher paid technical roles and higher level of roles. For example, Technical Specialist Level 2 and 3.

Bar graph showing female representation changes sicne 2021 by level. The vertical axis is role positions. The horizontal axis is percentage.

  • There has been a continued increase in representation in senior leadership roles with 57% female representation. This is a 9% increase since 2021 and a 31% increase since 2016.
  • Small increases in the number of female staff – showing 68% of our people in non-leadership roles being female.
  • Mid-management has the lowest female representation at 46%.
Last updated: 24 Nov 2022
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