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Our corporate strategy is made up of 6 interconnected strands.


Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do.

  • We anticipate and proactively support key events in our customers' lives at the right time.
  • We use customer insights to inform activities. Our services are seamless, and tax and social policy are integrated into customers' lives.
  • We partner with others to deliver service excellence to customers - from policy design to education to audit.
  • We make it easy for customers to get it right
  • We reduce compliance costs and effort.

External collaboration

We work with external parties to innovate, gain insight, and achieve wider government economic and social outcomes.

  • We will build internal capability as part of our capability uplift, which also supports external collaboration.
  • We co-create efficient and effective services, adapting our business model where appropriate.
  • Collectively we leverage our information assets and expertise to create mutual benefits.
  • We share information and resources using appropriate safeguards.


Working as part of Inland Revenue is unique, exciting, fulfilling, and career-enhancing.

  • We value individuals and diversity of thought and capability.
  • We find, develop, and deploy people on the basis of their capabilities, which are a mix of skills, knowledge, experience, and attitudes.
  • We design roles to be adaptable, interesting, and empowering.
  • We recognise and measure performance through behaviours and individual and team contribution to outcomes.
  • We work with other organisations to develop fulfilling career journeys in, through, and beyond Inland Revenue.

Information and intelligence

Our decisions and actions - for delivering today and shaping our future - are intelligence-led.

  • We understand information we collect and the insight and intelligence we generate through the knowledge and experiences of our people is a strategic asset that needs to be managed and shared appropriately.
  • We use information and insights to create actionable intelligence.
  • Intelligence drives our strategic and tactical decision-making, including knowing where and when to direct resources to realise value for customers, Inland Revenue, and the Government.

Policy agility

Policy change is faster, cheaper, and better - fit for a changing world.

  • Our policy design is proactive, coherent and integrated, from idea generation and advice through to implementation.
  • We implement policy decisions speedily and smoothly.
  • We deliver high quality advice that is future-focussed, realistic about the impacts, and based on good information and analysis.
  • We are a trusted and credible voice that shapes and delivers government and system outcomes.
  • We use innovative, flexible, and creative practices to design policy, supported by strong economic frameworks and broad consultation.


We fully embrace our place in the digitally connected world.

  • As part of the digital world, we make it easy to collaborate with customers, agencies, and others.
  • Our culture and flexible systems mean we design and make changes quickly.
  • Our customers can easily access secure digital services anywhere, any time.
  • We use the digital environment to help generate actionable insights.
  • We encourage, empower, and upskill our people to make the best use of digital ways of working.
  • We strategically manage digital opportunities and disruptions.

Inland Revenue creates value and better outcomes for New Zealanders through the successful implementation of our strategy.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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