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myIR changes coming for intermediaries Video information

Audio and visual transcript

Scene 1


Title screen with IR logo and Changing for You logo shows on teal background.

White title screen shows: ’myIR changes coming for intermediaries’.


Soft music plays in the background throughout the video.

Scene 2


Computer screen with ‘myIR changes for intermediaries’ appears with Rata and Narrator sitting and standing either side (in an office setting). Narrator and Rata introduce the changes – Rata points towards the screen. Narrator puts hand on hips.


[Narrator] Kia ora Rata

[Rata] Kia ora.

[Narrator] What are we talking about today?

[Rata] We’re talking about the myIR changes coming for intermediaries!

[Narrator] Right, let’s get on with it then shall we?

Scene 3


Narrator speaks followed by Rata. Screen changes to show the myIR homepage screen for an intermediary. Narrator points towards the screen.


[Narrator] Ok, so today we’re talking about intermediaries, like accountants and bookkeepers for example, and what changes you’ll see in myIR.

[Rata] Aha.

[Narrator] So we’ll start off in a logical place, here on the first page you’ll see when you first log in to myIR following the upgrade.

Scene 4


The screen zooms in, highlighting the white space and pared back look and feel. Narrator gestures towards the screen. The screen zooms back out.


[Narrator] A quick glance shows a pared back, modern look and feel and use of white space.

Scene 5


Narrator talks. Search tab is highlighted. Narrator gestures towards the screen. Hand symbol clicks on the Search tab.

The screen slides to the ‘Access a client’ screen. IRD number and Customer identifier fields are highlighted. Then the Name search field is highlighted. The screen zooms on to Rata. Rata talks.


[Narrator] The next thing to point out is the ‘Access a client’ function, which is currently in the tax preparer tab, several clicks away. You’ll be able to access this by clicking on the Search tab.

[Narrator] Currently you can search by IRD number and customer identifier, but once myIR has been upgraded you’ll be able to search by name as well.

[Rata] Customer testing showed us that one of the key things you currently use workspace for is to view a client by name.

Scene 6


Screen zooms back out. Narrator talks. Rata talks. Hand symbol clicks on the Favourites tab and then it is highlighted. The Favourites screen shows. Narrator gestures towards the screen. The agency account panel is highlighted.


[Narrator] I’ll now move to a favourite of mine – ‘favourites’.

[Rata] Oh good grief, you really need to work on your jokes!

[Narrator] As I was saying, favourites will be new for intermediaries.

[Narrator] When you initially log in following the upgrade, you’ll see the favourites tab. If you’re an owner, administrator or restricted administrator, your own agency will automatically be available for you to select when managing your favourites.

Scene 7


Narrator talks. Highlights the ‘Manage favourites’ link and clicks on it. Rata gestures towards the screen. Hand symbol clicks on Manage favourites. The ‘Manage favourites’ screen appears. Hand symbol clicks on the star icon next to Client 10. Screen slides back to myIR homepage. Highlights the Client 10 account panel under the Favourites tab.


[Narrator] To add clients to Favourites, you’ll need to go to Manage Favourites. If you’re currently subscribed to clients these will automatically appear under the Manage Favourites list. You’ll just need to ‘star’ them and then they’ll show under your Favourites tab.

Scene 8


Narrator talks. Search tab on the myIR homepage is highlighted. Account panels are highlighted. Narrator gestures towards the screen. The filter bar is highlighted.


[Narrator] If you aren’t subscribed to any clients and you’d like for them to show under the Favourites tab, you’ll need to search for their account, under the Search tab, select their account and add them as a favourite from there.

[Narrator] You’ll be able to have up to 50 favourite clients, which will show in stacked panels displaying the client’s name and IRD number, along with any relevant alerts.

[Narrator] Favourites can also be filtered by surname, business name, IRD number and so on.

Scene 9


The History tab is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on the History tab. Screen slides to the History page with a list of the clients last viewed. The tab is highlighted again. Screen scrolls downwards, highlighting all client account panels last accessed.


[Rata] The History tab will display the most recently accessed clients, up to a maximum of 10 accounts. The tab will show after you’ve accessed three of your client’s accounts.

[Rata] Each time you log in to myIR, the most recently accessed client accounts from the last session will still show.

Scene 10


Narrator talks. The Intermediary centre link is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on the Intermediary centre link. The screen slides to the Intermediary centre page and then scrolls down the Intermediary centre menu. Highlights the ‘All client mail’ link from the menu options. Screen scrolls back to the top of the menu.


[Narrator] Now lets look at the Intermediary Centre, which will be the new tax preparer tab.

[Narrator] It’ll be a one-stop shop for you to complete tasks and view notifications on behalf of your clients. And it’s always only a few clicks away, no matter where you are in myIR.

Scene 11


Screen slides back to the myIR homepage. The Intermediary centre link is highlighted again. Screen slides into the Client 10 customer account screen and highlights how to access the Intermediary Centre link from there. Intermediary Centre link is highlighted again.


[Narrator] Links are available either via the home page or within a client account.

Scene 12


Screen slides across to the Intermediary centre screen. The ‘Manage subscriptions’ link within the menu is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks the ‘Manage subscriptions’ link. Screen slides across to the Client subscriptions page. Screen slides back to the Intermediary Centre menu page. The Alerts tab is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on the Alerts tab. Scrolls down the Alerts page and then back up showing the alerts panels for Client 10 and GST. The filter bar options are highlighted. GST is selected as a filter. GST panels appear below the filter.


[Narrator] You’ll be able to subscribe to your clients’ mail and alerts and use the Intermediary Centre as a centralised place to receive all related notifications.

[Narrator] You can also view the alerts for those subscribed clients.

[Narrator] The alerts tab shows any returns coming up, overdue or due now, along with provisional tax payments and Working for Families details. Alerts can be filtered by account type or task too.

Scene 13


Rata talks. Screen slides back to the Summary screen for Client 10. Alerts tab is highlighted. Hand symbol selects the Alerts tab. Screen scrolls down showing the alert panels for Client 10’s accounts.


[Rata] If you’re not subscribed to a client or their accounts, you’d need to go through a client’s account to view the alerts. Not too onerous, but not as handy.

Scene 14


Narrator talks. The cross button at the right top corner of the account panel is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on the cross button. Alert disappears. Rata talks. Screen scrolls up and highlights the Alerts tab again. Then scrolls back down.


[Narrator] But wait – say I dismissed the alerts I can see for a specific client, they’ll still be able to see them when they log in right?

[Rata] Yes, along with anyone else in your agency viewing that client via their logon.

[Narrator] Got you.

Scene 15


Narrator talks. The View dismissed alerts link is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on the View dismissed alerts link. Screen slides through to Dismissed alerts page. The restore button on the top right corner of the alert panel is highlighted.


[Narrator] On the topic of dismissing alerts, I noted there’s a ‘dismissed alerts’ tab right at the bottom of the client alerts list.

[Narrator] This means you can view those you’ve dismissed and there’s also the option to restore any you dismissed in error. That’s handy.

Scene 16


Narrator talks. Screen slides back to the myIR homepage. A Client 6 link is highlighted under the Last viewed heading. Narrator pulls a thumbs up.


[Narrator] And before we finish up today, I’ll point out one other super handy change. If you look up to the top left of the screen, under the IR logo, you’ll see a record of the last client you viewed.

[Narrator] Helpful if you clicked out of them but want to go back quickly, without having to find them in your favourites or the Intermediary Centre.

Scene 17


Rata talks. Narrator talks and the screen slides to a page showing how to find out more: To find out more about these and other changes, visit Rata and Narrator wave. Closing screen with IRD logo appears.


[Rata] So I think that’s all the main points covering the changes coming to myIR for intermediaries.

[Rata] It’s important to note that these changes are still going through client testing. So there may still be some minor changes to what we’ve detailed here.

[Narrator] To find out more about these and other changes, visit Hei konā mai.

[Rata] Kia pai tō koutou rā.

Last updated: 26 Aug 2021
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