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New features in myIR for businesses More information


Audio and visual transcript

Scene 1


The Inland Revenue logo appears and fades out.

Inland Revenue is Changing for You to make tax more straight forward.



Soft music plays throughout the entire video.


Inland Revenue is changing for you to make tax more straightforward.

Scene 2


A screenshot of the home page is shown, this flips over to show a screenshot of myIR, highlighting the I want to… menu and the different tax account tiles on the myIR home page.



As part of this process, we’re updating the look of our website, and myIR secure online services, as well as adding new features to simplify the tax process.

Scene 3


3 topics are shown:

  • Tax assessments
  • Payment options
  • Account access

We’re continuing to make improvements based on customer feedback.

Please note some things may change.



This video will provide an overview of some of the new features available in myIR for business owners.

We’re continuing to make improvements based on your feedback.

Please note, that somethings may change.

Scene 4


Tax assessments appears and fades out.

My business is shown in a box and then disappears to reinforce that the My business tab has been removed from myIR.

Different tax accounts tiles appear and disappear to show what they look like in myIR.



Tax assessments.

We’ve streamlined your account access, by removing the, my business tab.

You can access your business accounts through the tiles on your myIR home page.

Scene 5


A representation of an IR3 tax return is shown. The income tax tile from myIR appears, the IR3 slides up into the income tax tile.

Representations of the IR4, IR6, IR7, IR8 and IR9 returns appear and all file into the income tax tile.

A representation of the IR10 appears and also slides up into the income tax tile.

The provisional tax information is displayed showing upcoming due dates. A mouse pointer hovers over the Provisional tax estimation amount and the options to Make payment for provisional tax instalments.



When you need to file an income tax return, you can now do so through the, income tax tile in your myIR.

All business income tax returns, such as IR4s, IR6s, IR7s, IR8s, and IR9s can now be filed electronically in myIR.

You can also file all attachments, such as IR10s, through myIR.

You can now manage your provisional tax through myIR, in the income tax tile.

If you need to pay provisional tax, you can now make an estimation in myIR.

You can also amend, view, and make payments towards this estimation throughout the tax year.

Scene 6


Payment options appears and fades out.

Images of Australia and New Zealand appear.

Australia pulses and sends a dollar symbol to New Zealand.

A calendar flips months away and Australia sends a dollar symbol to New Zealand as this happens.

The I want to… menu from myIR is shown. The mouse pointer selects Make a payment and then selects Set up a recurring direct debit.



Payment options.

We’ve expanded our payment options to simplify any payments you need to make.

You can now pay with a direct debit from Australian bank accounts.

You can also plan direct debit payments from Australian banks, using the, Set up a recurring direct debit payment tool, in myIR.

Scene 7


Account access appears and fades out.

3 busts appear representing people being nominated to access an account. The GST and income tax tiles from myIR appear under the busts. The busts then appear on the tiles showing they have been nominated.

An image from myIR shows to select the link for the accounts you want a nominated person to access.

A representation of the IR401 appears and fades out.



Account access.

You can now nominate others to act on your behalf through myIR.

Once nominated, they will be able to access some, or all of your accounts, through their own myIR.

You can select which accounts they have access to when nominating them.

If you’re registered as an executive office holder, you can now set up a myIR account for your organisation, which you’ll be able to access from your personal myIR logon.

Your organisation can appoint you as an executive office holder, by submitting the IR401 form, available on our website.

Scene 8


The Inland Revenue logo appears and fades out ending the video.



We hope you found this video helpful.

Log in to myIR to try out these features, and to see the other improvements we’ve made.