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Changes coming to myIR

From late October you’ll notice some changes to myIR.

A new layout and simpler navigation will make it easier to see important information and to perform certain tasks directly from your myIR homepage.

Homepage actions

Most of the actions you need to perform will be visible and accessible from the myIR homepage, such as total balance, any upcoming, ‘due now’ or overdue payments and relevant quick links to ‘make a payment’ or ‘file a return’


A new Alerts tab on the myIR homepage will allow you direct access to all of your alerts, sorted by customer, account type and due date, and will be able to be filtered and dismissed. Each alert will show you a description of the action required and a quick link to complete it i.e. the due date and ‘file a return’

Logon access

If you have a logon with access to multiple customers, you’ll need to select the customer you want to access, before moving to the list of accounts for this customer. A list of all customers you have access to will show and you’ll be able to search using the name or IRD number of that customer.

Changes for employers from late October:

Compulsory employer deductions

It will be compulsory for employers to deduct child support payments from newly liable (paying) parents’ salary and wages. As has always been the case, if you have an employee who becomes liable for child support payments, we’ll contact you with the information you’ll need to make these deductions on their behalf.  We’re shifting away from paper so our communication with you will likely be digital i.e. via myIR or email.

Negative adjustments

When completing Employment Information (EI) files as part of your payroll process, you’ll be able to enter a negative value in the ‘prior period adjustment’ field to make adjustments for prior periods. You’ll only be able to do this if certain validations are met e.g. the negative amount can only be equal to or less than the amount being reported on the line – so if an employee has $500 gross salary and wages on the line, the maximum the negative amount can be is -$500.

Payday filing version 2

If you’re still using the ‘file upload’ option to manage payroll in myIR, please ensure your file format is updated to payday filing version 2 by October.  If you’re filing through paper or myIR onscreen then you are already using version 2. Amendments to Employment Information need to be made using the same version as the original file e.g. if you’d previously filed through version 1 you must amend through version 1.

Historical audit correspondence

Audit letters that were sent to companies that were audited as far back as February 2017 will be available in myIR. These will be visible to Owner and Administrator logons. If you don’t wish for all Administrator accounts to see the letters you can change their access to a Restricted Administrator.

Manage Account access 

Payday filing version 2

As further details about the changes are confirmed, we’ll update this page with more information.

Last updated: 16 Jun 2021
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