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Anytime, anywhere myIR - get it done online

A transcript of the Anytime, anywhere. myIR - get it done campaign video.

A woman is sitting at a breakfast bar in her kitichen with a laptop in front of her.

(background music plays) With myIR you can access a range of online services anytime, anywhere.
I can check my student loan balance without having to pick up the phone… done.

We see at man at home, seated on a couch with laptop. He’s cradling a sleeping baby in one arm and tapping away on the laptop with the other.

(whispering to not wake up the baby) and if your circumstances change, like when this one arrived, you can update your details in a flash… done.

We see a woman who is a florist – standing at a table in the middle of arranging a bouquet of flowers.

My GST calculations are worked out for me, and I can file my return and pay online… done.

myIR. Get it done. Register today at

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myIR. Get it done. Register today at ird dot govt dot nz/get-it-done