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Changes for individuals and whānau

The final phase of Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation programme will go live later this year. We’re targeting late October as planned but are closely monitoring any external events that may affect this timing, such as COVID lockdowns and the recent closure of our Wellington office.

Changes coming to myIR

Later this year you’ll notice some changes to myIR.

A new layout will make it easier for you to see important information and complete certain tasks directly from your myIR homepage.

myIR changes coming for individuals and whānau Video information

Audio and visual transcript

Scene 1


Title screen with IR logo and Changing for You logo shows on teal background.

White title screen shows: ’myIR changes coming for individuals and whānau’.


Soft music plays in the background throughout the video.

Scene 2


Computer screen with ‘myIR changes for individuals and whānau’ shows with Rata and Narrator sitting and standing either side. Narrator has children next to him. Children play and exit off screen.


[Narrator] Kia ora Rata.

[Rata] Kia ora. Kia ora. Why have you brought your whānau along?

[Narrator] I thought they’d provide a family vibe, you know, set the scene for today’s topic.

[Rata] Great idea! We’re discussing myIR changes coming for individuals and whānau aren’t we?

[Narrator] Yes. That’s right!

[Rata] Where have your tamariki gone?

[Narrator] They’ve gone to play while we discuss the important stuff.

[Rata] Ok. Let’s get into it.

Scene 3


myIR homepage slides on to screen. Narrator points to the homepage and highlights the look and feel of the new myIR homepage. Screen zooms to a close-up of the myIR homepage.


[Narrator] So as Rata mentioned, today we’re covering the myIR changes for individuals and whānau.

[Rata] Aha.

[Narrator] So let’s start with the home page, which is the first page you’d arrive at when you first log into myIR following the upgrade.

[Narrator] Rata, this all looks familiar. A quick glance shows a pared back, modern look and feel and use of white space.

Scene 4


Screen zooms out and scrolls down showing account panels. The account panels Donation tax credit, GST and Income tax are highlighted. Screen scrolls down and highlights the Working for Families account panel as well. Screen scrolls back to the top of the myIR homepage. Account panels are highlighted again.


[Narrator] As you can see this customer has several accounts, as indicated by the panels showing, including a Working for Families account, with a sub panel, which displays the summary of family details.

[Narrator] In the current version of myIR you’d need to go into the account summary section to see this detail, whereas in the new version of myIR, it’ll be accessible from the home page so you can see it quickly at a glance.

[Narrator] Pretty much the rest of the information on the panels is the same as the current version of myIR, it just looks a little fresher.

Scene 5


The Donation tax credit account panel is highlighted. Rata points towards it. The Account subpanel for Donation tax credit is highlighted. Screen scrolls down showing the different account panels again. The arrow at the bottom of myIR homepage is highlighted. Rata points towards the screen as the Working for Families account panel at the bottom of the screen is highlighted.


[Narrator] And while we’re looking at the account panels, I’ll point out a few other things worth noting.

[Narrator] First of all, everything information-wise is kept to a minimum on the panel. If you have a lot of accounts, then you’ll just need to scroll to see them all.

[Rata] The accounts are listed alphabetically, so they’re easier to locate.

[Narrator] Ah, so that’s why Working for Families is at the bottom. Good to know.

Scene 6


The Next Payment subpanel within the Working for Families account panel is highlighted. The Working for Families and Income tax account panels are highlighted. The Next Payment and Total balance subpanels within the Working for Families account panel is highlighted.


[Narrator] Another thing to note is that sub panels containing additional information will always display above the related account panel. These show more specific information about a related account.

[Narrator] The most common accounts that you’ll see these show for include Working for Families, Child Support and Income Tax. In this example, the sub panel displaying information about the next payment for Working for Families shows above the main Account information.

Scene 7


Red alert symbol appears over the screen. Rata raises hands. Narrator points towards the alert symbol. The alert symbol disappears off screen.


[Narrator] Watch out!

[Rata] What?

[Narrator] It’s an alert!

[Rata] Wow that took me by surprise.

[Narrator] Well I thought it was a witty segue.

Scene 8


Alerts tab with alerts symbol showing is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on Alerts tab. Screen slides across to the Alerts page. The filter bar is highlighted with the words income tax inside.


[Narrator] Alerts will be available in the new version of myIR. In this example the customer has 3 alerts showing in the alerts tab.

[Narrator] You’ll be able to view these alerts by going to your alerts tab. Here you’ll be able to filter to see alerts relating to specific accounts.

Scene 9


The payment due now subpanel is highlighted within the Income tax account panel. Then the Make a payment link within that subpanel and remaining balance is highlighted.

The cross on the top right-hand corner of the payment subpanel is highlighted and the hand symbol clicks on it to dismiss the alert. Screen scrolls down and highlights the dismissed alerts link at the bottom of the Alerts page and the hand symbol clicks on it. The Dismissed alerts page appears. The reinstate arrow button on the top right-hand corner of the Income tax subpanel is highlighted. Screen slides back to the myIR homepage.


[Narrator] In this example, the customer has a balance that’s due now. If they were to make a partial payment, the related alert would reflect the payment has been made by showing the remaining balance to pay.

If they pay it all off, the alert will disappear entirely. You’ll also be able to dismiss alerts, view dismissed alerts and reinstate dismissed alerts from the alerts screen.

Scene 10


Narrator points towards the screen. The ‘I want to’ tab on the myIR homepage is highlighted. Hand symbol clicks on I want to and the I want to menu page appears. The I want to menu is highlighted and the screen scrolls down The Manage refund bank accounts link under the My details section is highlighted. Then the COVID-19 support section of the menu is highlighted.


[Narrator] Back to the home page and the other menu we’ve yet to explore is the ‘I want to’ menu.

[Narrator] This is the place you’ll be able to go to complete tasks for all of your accounts. It’s also where you’ll be able to do general tasks like updating your bank account details or applying for COVID-related support.

Scene 11


Screen scrolls back up to the top of the I want to menu. The search bar is highlighted. The word payment appears in the search bar and the menu options for payments show below. The screen transitions to the account-level More menu. The More menu heading is highlighted.


[Narrator] Content is grouped in relevant categories and it’s searchable.

[Rata] It’s worth noting that the customer level ‘I want to’ menu is different to the account level ‘’More’ menu. The account level ‘More’ menu will only provide tasks related to that specific account.

Scene 12


The myIR homepage disappears off screen and an office with people at their desks appears in the background. A smart phone with the myIR homepage appears back on the page. Rata points towards the screen. The mobile screen scrolls down. Screen scrolls back up. The downward and sideways arrows are highlighted to show that information has been wrapped and stacked. The smart phone slides off screen.


[Narrator] So that leaves us with one last thing to cover, which is mobile responsiveness.

[Narrator] The new version of myIR will be a lot easier to use on a mobile device, which will be great for those of you who like to check your myIR account on the go.

[Narrator] Content will automatically re-size if the device’s display is large enough, and if not, it will stack and wrap content within panels.

Scene 13


A new screen appears showing the details to find out more about the changes – “To find out more about these and other changes, visit”. The Narrator and Rata wave. The closing screen with the IRD logo appears.


[Narrator] Well, I think we’ve covered off all the points for our individual and whānau customers.

[Rata] Yes we have. It’s important to note that these changes are still going through user testing. So there may still be some minor changes to what we’ve detailed here.

[Rata] To find out more about these and other changes, visit

[Narrator] Hei konā mai.

[Rata] Kia pai tō koutou rā.

Homepage tasks

You’ll be able to access the most common tasks directly from the myIR homepage.

You’ll be able to scroll through all your account panels with useful information showing upfront such as total balances, any upcoming, due now or overdue payments and quick links to common tasks such as making a payment or filing a return.


A new Alerts tab on the myIR homepage will allow you direct access to all of your alerts.

Alerts will be sorted by customer, account type and due date.

Each alert will have a description that will indicate what we require you to do next.

Mobile friendly

myIR will adapt to your screen size, giving you full functionality on any device you’re using - mobile, tablet or desktop.

Other changes

Improvements to child support in myIR

Child support customers will notice several other changes which will make managing child support easier.

  • Improvements to the child support account in myIR will allow customers to manage their details more easily online and complete more tasks such as submitting objections or administrative review applications.
  • Payments will be passed on to receiving carers faster. Payments received by the 20th of the month will be passed on to the receiving carer by the 23rd of the same month, as long as the liable parent has paid on time.
  • It will become compulsory for child support payments to be deducted from the salaries or wages of returning or newly liable (paying) parents.

Changes for child support customers

Payment fee for overseas customers

Overseas student loan borrowers and child support customers who use an overseas credit or debit card for their payments will be charged the standard 1.42% credit/debit card convenience fee. This is consistent with the fee that is passed on to all other Inland Revenue customers. There are other payment options available to our overseas customers.

Paying from overseas


See our latest webinars for more information about the upcoming changes.

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Introducing the myIR version upgrade

Navigating the new version of myIR for businesses and individuals

Alerts in the new version of myIR

As further details are confirmed, we'll update this page with more information.

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