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You have to be present in New Zealand to be eligible for the Cost of Living Payment. We do not always know for sure where you are, so we use the information we have when we check who can get the payment. This check is usually done a few days before the payment date.

We considered you to be in New Zealand for any payment in August if we had a New Zealand address for you when we checked who could get the payment.

For any payment made after August we're making a few extra checks to work out if you're in New Zealand.

Extra checks to confirm you are in New Zealand

Here are some examples of what we use to confirm you are in New Zealand.

  • You received salary or wages in the last 2 months from a New Zealand employer.
  • You're registered as the principal child carer or partner for Working for Families Tax Credits.

Extra checks to confirm you are overseas

Here are some examples of the extra checks we use to work out if you are overseas.

  • You filed a non-resident tax return, or part year tax return, selecting 'departing New Zealand'.
  • You're an overseas-based student loan customer, or have applied to be treated as physically present in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Customs records indicate you are overseas

We know that you still could have been in New Zealand at the time of the Cost of Living Payments, even if you meet these checks. So you now have the ability to let us know if you were here.

Check why you did not get the payment

If you think you should have received the payment but did not, check why in myIR. After you log in to myIR, select 'I want to…', then 'Cost of Living Payment eligibility'. This will explain why we did not think you were eligible. 

If we considered you to be outside of New Zealand but you were not, send us a message in myIR explaining how you were in New Zealand. Or you can call us on 0800 473 777. We'll be able to update your records to make the payment to you.

If you go overseas or come back around the payment dates

If you leave New Zealand 28 days or less before a payment date, you will get the payment if you meet the other criteria. The day you leave or arrive back in New Zealand is counted as a full day in New Zealand. If you are in New Zealand for less than 28 days, you are not eligible for the payments.

You are eligible if you arrive back in New Zealand on or before a payment date (and meet the other criteria), so long as you stay for more than 28 days.

Example – Out of New Zealand for 28 days or less

Maksym lives in New Zealand but left on 3 August. Because 3 August is counted as a full day in New Zealand, Maksym can get the first and second payments as there are 28 days from 4 August to 1 September.

Example – Back in New Zealand on the payment date

Amaia went on an overseas holiday from 25 July to 25 August. Amaia arrived back in New Zealand before 1 September, so she will get the September payment so long as she stays in New Zealand for 28 days. She will also get the August payment as she was away for 28 days or less before 1 August.

Last updated: 30 Sep 2022
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