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We understand that the effects of COVID-19 may be unsettling. If you have questions about your KiwiSaver account, contact your scheme provider for information about:

  • your KiwiSaver balance
  • your investment risk profile
  • withdrawing savings for significant financial hardship (unless you have been in KiwiSaver less than 2 months).

If you do not know who your KiwiSaver scheme provider is - look in your myIR account under the KiwiSaver section. Their contact details will be there too.

Withdrawing KiwiSaver savings

We can only consider your application in the first 2 months after we get your first contribution. After the first 2 months, you'll need to contact your KiwiSaver provider.

If you want to withdraw some of your KiwiSaver savings, you'll need to provide evidence you're suffering significant financial hardship. If your application is accepted, you'll only be able to withdraw some of your savings.

You need to talk to your KiwiSaver provider about how much you can withdraw.

Getting my KiwiSaver savings for significant financial hardship

Making changes to KiwiSaver

You have options if contributing to KiwiSaver becomes harder.

You can take a savings break from making KiwiSaver contributions.

Taking a savings break

You can also change the amount that you contribute to KiwiSaver to 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10%. 

Changing my KiwiSaver contribution rate

If you want to review your investment decision the Retirement Commission's Sorted site has resources to help you. Or, you may want to contact a financial advisor.

Sorted (

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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