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From 1 April we’ll require all employers to use the new payday filing format, version 2.

Version 2 has been available since April 2020 and provides more Employment Information and Employee Detail information than the current version 1.

It’s important to note that amendments to Employment Information will have to be made using the same version as the original file. If you file through version 1 you must amend through version 1.

Filing through software

If you file through software you should notice little change. You will need to contact your payroll software provider for more information about what will be changing and when.

Filing with in-house systems

Employers who have their own in-house systems will need to build version 2 into their system prior to April 2021.

Filing in myIR

If you file on-screen through myIR or paper there is no change as the version 2 changes have been in place since April 2020.

Filing through intermediaries

If you use a Payroll Bureau or Intermediary service there will likely be no change as your payroll service provider will make any necessary changes.