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Industry Partnership: How the industry partnerships work

How the industry partnerships work

Inland Revenue's Industry Partnership Team is forming relationships with certain industries, so we can help industry members with their taxes. The industries we work with conduct much of their business in cash, so there is the opportunity for some people to do under-the-table jobs. So far, we have relationships with 14 industries.

How can we help you, as an industry member?

If you belong to one of our industries, we can offer you a range of free services to help you with your taxes and bookkeeping. Please phone us (toll-free) on 0800 TAXTALK (0800 829 825) to find out what we can do for you.

What if you're not a member of one of our partnered industries?

You can still get free help with your taxes. Inland Revenue can offer you online advice, help over the phone, or a visit from one of Inland Revenue's advisory officers

What are we doing about industry people who refuse to pay their tax?

Taxes are important because they help pay for services that benefit the New Zealand community. When we find a business that is deliberately underpaying its tax (for example, by doing under-the-table jobs), we will carry out an audit and, if necessary, prosecute. This is in fairness to the majority of businesses that are doing the right thing.

People who do under-the-table jobs can also cause unfair competition in industries. Our partnered industries are supporting our efforts to create a level playing field.

What is Inland Revenue doing about "big business"?

Inland Revenue's Corporates segment works with large businesses and checks that they are paying the right amount of tax.