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To remain eligible for the tax exemption, the contact trustee of the New Zealand Foreign Trust must complete and send us the following documents and payment.

Foreign trust annual return - IR900

Submit an IR900 for each return year after registration.

Foreign trust settlements and distributions schedule - IR900A

You'll need to detail any distributions from the trust or settlements to the trust, including:

  • the name of the settlor or beneficiary
  • the amount and date of payment.

Foreign trust connected person schedule - IR607A

You'll need to include full details of any:

  • beneficiaries receiving distributions in a return year
  • new settlors making settlements on the trust during a return year (if applicable).

Financial statements for the return year

These must comply with the minimum standards for financial statements that are set out in the Tax Administration (Financial Statements Foreign Trusts) Order 2017.

  • See 'My responsibilities' on this page for the 'Minimum standards for financial statements'.

Fee payment

You must pay the prescribed fee for an annual return for a foreign trust and return year of $50 inclusive of goods and services tax. (This fee is not payable if all the resident foreign trustees are natural persons not in the business of providing trustee services.)

  • See Foreign trust annual return - IR900 for payment details.

Send us the forms and financial statements

You can email the forms and financial statements to:

Alternatively, you can post them to:

International Revenue Strategy
Inland Revenue
PO Box 2198
Wellington 6140

My responsibilities

Minimum standards for financial statements

In complying with the minimum standards for financial statements, we expect to see:

  • a balance sheet setting out the assets, liabilities and net assets of the trust as at the end of the return year
  • a profit and loss statement showing income derived, and expenditure incurred, by the trust during the return year
  • a statement of accounting policies setting out the policies that have been applied and a description of the effect of any material changes
  • a reconciliation of movements, on a line by line basis, from opening to closing balance, of all settlor and beneficiary accounts, including loans; and, of net assets (this information could also be presented in the form of a statement of changes in equity)
  • comparative figures for the previous return year (where applicable)
  • a statement of the trust's New Zealand taxable income, even if nil.

The due date for an annual return is six months after the trust's balance date. If the trust does not have a balance date it is due by 30 September based on a default date of 31 March.

Tax Administration (Financial Statements Foreign Trusts) Order 2017