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Paying at Westpac


You can make payments to us by visiting a Westpac branch. To do this, you must either:

  • bring in your return or statement that shows a barcode
  • create a barcode before your visit.

Create a barcode for my payment

Creating a barcode allows you to make payments at a Westpac branch. You can do this by:

  • creating your own barcode on a computer, mobile phone or an IRD kiosk
  • saving it on mobile phone or printing it by computer or IRD kiosk
  • showing your barcode at any Westpac branch.

To create your barcode, enter your details below. 

IRD Number

Please enter a valid 8 or 9 digit IRD number e.g. 123-123-123, 12-123-123


Tax type

Choose tax type...