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If you'll be coming to New Zealand, you may want to wait until you get here to apply for an IRD number. You can give permission for Immigration New Zealand to share your documents and verification with us to get an IRD number.

Apply for an IRD number - new arrival to New Zealand

Use the 'living overseas' process if you're a non-resident or an offshore person applying for an IRD number.

Gather your identification documents

You'll need each of these:

  • photo identification (ID), such as a passport
  • proof of address, for example, a letter from your utilities company
  • tax identification number from your country or territory
  • proof of reason for applying for IRD number, for example, working here or buying property here
  • a fully functioning New Zealand bank account or customer due diligence - IR997 form.

If you’ve changed your name, you'll need a document proving your name change. This can be either a:

  • marriage or civil union certificate
  • name change certificate.

If applying for your child's IRD number

As well as ID documents for yourself, you'll also need:

  • ID for your child - the same documents as listed above
  • proof of your relationship with your child, for example, birth certificate, adoption papers or guardianship order.

Get certified translations for documents not in English

If your identification (ID) documents are not in English, you must get them translated into English by an approved translator. Your translations will need to be certified. You can have ID documents translated overseas if using either:

  • a diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate
  • the authority that issued your ID document.

Otherwise, Waka Kotahi - New Zealand Transport Agency has a full list of approved translators or you can use the Translation Service.

Approved translators (Waka Kotahi - New Zealand Transport Agency)

Translating documents into English ( information for the Translation Service)

Download and fill in the form

Make sure to save your details. You'll also need to sign the form.

Scan your documents and form

Make sure you've made electronic versions of the ID documents you've chosen. You need to email them to us along with your form.

For passports, you only need to scan the pages showing your photo and names.

Send your form to us

Email your form and scanned copies of your documents to:

What happens next

  • We aim to process your application within 8-10 working days.
  • We'll text, email or post your IRD number to you. It can take 20 working days to arrive if you ask us to post it.

My responsibilities

  • Keep your IRD number where you can easily find it. You'll need it for tax-related events in your life.
  • Tell us about any changes. The easiest way to update your details is in myIR.
  • You can start using myIR once you get your IRD number.

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