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Gather your ID documents

Any ID documents in foreign languages need to be translated.

You need to scan or photocopy each of your documents.

You need each of these:

  • photo ID
  • proof of address (for example, a letter from your utilities company)
  • tax identification number
  • proof of reason for applying for IRD number, for example, working here or buying property here
  • a fully functioning New Zealand bank account or customer due diligence.

If you’ve changed your name you also need a document proving your name change, like a:

  • marriage or civil union certificate
  • name change certificate.

Applying for an IRD number for your child

As well as ID for yourself you will also need:

  • ID for your child – the same documents as listed above
  • proof of your relationship with your child, for example, birth certificate, adoption papers or guardianship order.

Fill in the application form

Send your form to us


  • email your form and scanned copies of your ID to:

Offshore contact


Offshore contact
  • post your form and photocopies of your ID to:

Inland Revenue
PO Box 39050
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045
New Zealand

What happens next

  • We aim to process your application within 8–10 working days.
  • We'll text, email or post your IRD number to you. It can take 20 working days to arrive if you ask us to post it.

My responsibilities

  • Keep your IRD number where you can easily find it. You'll need it for tax-related events in your life.
  • Tell us about any changes. The easiest way to update your details is in myIR.
  • You can start using myIR once you get your IRD number.