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'My business' customers

'My business' is a section in myIR where you can manage your goods and services tax (GST), fringe benefit tax (FBT), gaming machine duty (GMD) and portfolio investment entities (PIE). You can:

  • Pay your tax when you file your return. There's no need to log out of myIR to make the payment.
  • Make payments by direct debit, and Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.
  • Set up email and text message reminders when your returns and payment are due or late to avoid penalties.
  • Propose instalment arrangements. In most cases you'll receive immediate confirmation and approval.
  • Amend returns you've already filed, making it easier and quicker to do.
  • Get your return calculations done for you.
  • Receive immediate confirmation once your returns are filed.
  • Register for new business accounts.
  • Grant another party access to your accounts so they can to file returns and perform other tasks on your behalf.
  • Save time by having all your electronic returns in one easy-to-access place.
  • Send attachments using secure mail.
  • Use ir-File to file your Employer monthly schedule (IR348) and make payments online.

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Child support customers

If you're a child support customer you can:

  • Update change of circumstances.
  • Check when you'll pay or receive your child support.
  • Check assessment details including current and previous year assessments.
  • Check any overdue amounts, due dates and monthly balances.

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Common Reporting Standard and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act customers

If you're a New Zealand tax resident with overseas interests you can:

  • Register and report for the Common Reporting Standard.
  • Register and report for Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act (FATCA).

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Individual income tax customers

If you have income tax obligations you can

  • Find out if you need to file an IR3 or get a personal tax summary.
  • Get your income details when you need to, eg, for Work and Income, Housing New Zealand, StudyLink or for loan applications.

Tax refunds

From mid-May you can work out if you're due a refund and request your personal tax summary. You'll be able to confirm your personal tax summary from mid-June and get your refund in July.


You can file your IR3 income tax returns in myIR. Your IR3 return is automatically pre-populated with your employment information if this applies to you. Once you've added your other income the tax is worked out automatically.

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Student loan customers

If you're a New Zealand-based borrower you can:

  • Get an up-to-date loan balance, check your loan repayments and other transactions.
  • Apply for a repayment deduction exemption, special deduction rate or repayment holiday (if you're going overseas).
  • File an Adjust your income (IR215) form to let us know of any adjustments so you can work out your repayment obligation.

If you're an overseas-based borrower you can:

  • Get an up-to-date loan balance, check your loan repayments and other transactions and your annual repayment obligations.
  • Apply for a repayment holiday if you're been away less than six months.

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Working for Families Tax Credit customers

If you're a Working for Families Tax Credits customer you can:

  • Add or modify your children's details (start/stop dates, IRD numbers, shared care).
  • Add or modify spouse or partner details.
  • Update income estimates (income amounts and sources).
  • Update your hours of work and income details.
  • Change your payment frequency.
  • File the Adjust your income (IR215) form to let us know of any adjustments so we can make sure your entitlements are worked out correctly.

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Tax agents

If you manage clients accounts you can:

  • Link and delink clients.
  • Transfer credits and payments.
  • File GST, FBT, GMD and PIE returns (periodic and annual).
  • Register and report for the CRS and FATCA.
  • Check balances, transactions and client earnings information.
  • File yours or your client's employer returns.

If you manage your agency's accounts you can:

  • File agency employer returns and income tax returns.
  • Send and receive secure mail.
  • Modify staff access to the services available.
  • Change contact details, reset passwords and run user access reports.