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North Island flooding Our Takapuna and Manukau offices are temporarily closed. Many of you have been affected by the flooding in the North Island and may need help keeping up with your tax obligations. Find out more

Take the stress out of tax - try our tax toolbox

Tradies need to pay tax on income they earn.

Accurately recording your income and expenses, keeping on top of your income tax returns and paying your income tax is important. If you have outstanding returns or debt owing, take a load off and get on to them now.

 If you’re self-employed or a sole trader

Individual income tax return – IR3 

Complete my individual income tax return – IR3  

If you’re running a construction business

Income tax for businesses and organisations

Companies income tax return – IR4 

If you’re in partnership with another tradie

Income tax for partnerships 

Partnerships and look-through companies income tax return – IR7 

If you’re operating under a Trust

File a Trust or estate income tax return – IR6  

Additional reporting requirements for NZ domestic trusts 

Have any debt owing?

Don’t dig yourself a hole. Pay now before further penalties and interest apply.

Ways of paying 

Apply for an instalment arrangement

Provisional tax

 Provisional tax means paying your income tax in instalments, not in a lump sum at the end of the year.  We’ll ask you to pay provisional tax if last year's tax bill was more than $5,000.

Provisional tax 

Once your turnover is $60,000 a year or more you need to charge 15% GST on your sales and income and pay it to us. You can claim GST back on your purchases and expenses. Have outstanding GST returns or debt? Don’t paint over the cracks – get your GST sorted now.

Registering for GST

Calculating your GST

Filing GST

Paying GST

GST guide - IR375

If you’re running a construction business and employing tradies you need to keep on top of your employer obligations. This includes making deductions from employees' pay and sending the information to us – otherwise known as payday filing. Deductions can includes PAYE, KiwiSaver, student loan and child support.

Deductions from salary and wages

Payday filing Employers guide - IR335 

Schedular payments

Schedular payments are payments made to independent contractors, with withholding tax deducted. The hiring organisation deducts the withholding tax and pays it to us on behalf of the contractor.

Schedular payments

Requesting a business advisory visit or seminar

We're here to help.

Whether you're already in business or considering setting up a business, you can make an appointment to see us. At the appointment we'll cover topics like income tax, GST and employer obligations.

We also run group seminars, usually at our offices.

Request a business advisory or social policy visit 


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