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Here you can find out about income tax and refunds, including how to file your tax returns.

What is my tax code?

You need a tax code if you receive salary, wages, income tested benefits, interest, dividends or other income which has tax taken out before you get paid. Your tax code might be different for different types of income.

Work out my tax code


Filing a tax return

An individual tax return tells us:

  • your total income from all sources
  • any tax you've already paid
  • how much you want to claim in expenses
  • if you are due a refund or have tax to pay.

Complete my individual income tax return - IR3


If you're living or going overseas

You'll continue to have tax responsibilities here for as long as you're a New Zealand tax resident or receive New Zealand income.

I am leaving New Zealand

I am going overseas

I am overseas


Do I get a refund

Refunds at the end of the tax year are automatic for most New Zealanders.

What happens at the end of the tax year


Claim for a donation

You can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar you donated to charities or similar organisations.

You can only claim on donations that added up to the same amount or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

Tax credits for donations


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