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Te Keke Ipurangi

Inland Revenue has developed this online resource for level 4 - 5 (year 7 to 10) students to support teaching and learning about tax and citizenship. It uses the social inquiry approach of the New Zealand Curriculum. It also focuses on the key competencies of 'Participating and Contributing' and 'Managing Self', both of which have strong links to citizenship.

Career Services

Career Services is New Zealand's leading provider of career information, advice and guidance. Career Services is dedicated to creating a climate where all people living in New Zealand can access the best careers information, advice and guidance to achieve their life goals. This means promoting the importance of career planning throughout each person's lifetime. Career Services is a Crown Entity.

Ministry of Education

Quality education enables individuals to achieve their full potential. Expectations rise each year. Educational achievement levels of all students must continue to increase. It is the Ministry of Education's responsibility to raise the overall level of educational achievement.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) was established in 1990 to provide an overarching role in quality assured qualifications and to coordinate national qualifications in New Zealand. The Qualifications Authority deals with the provision and quality of qualifications. It works in partnership with all education providers and national groups representing education and training in industry and business. The Authority does not deal with the school curriculum or funding for education and training.


While you're studying for your future you'll want to know all about the financial support you can get. At StudyLink we want to make things as easy as possible for you. This site includes most of what you need to know about getting financial help from us. It's a general guide - and you need to apply to find out if you qualify.

What's tax?

Find out what to do when you get your first job, why we pay tax, what you need to know if you are working for yourself, see some real life scenarios - generally everything you need to know when starting out.

Student job search

Student Job Search is the place to go when you are looking for one-off, part-time or ongoing work. We offer a range of course-related or skilled work as well as some good old fashioned labour to get you the money & experience you need to make it through your studies.


If you are living outside of New Zealand, OFX (previously NZForex) offers a safe, secure, quick and easy international money transfer service with bank-beating exchange rates in 55 currencies. They can help you set up recurring payments to your Inland Revenue account for student loan, child support or other tax-type obligations. Best of all we charge ZERO fees for all IRD payments.

Western Union

If you are living outside of New Zealand, Western Union Business Solutions offers a low-cost, convenient and secure way to make payments to Inland Revenue. You don’t need to be a registered customer of Western Union Business Solutions, all you will need to make a payment to Inland Revenue is your New Zealand IRD number and the tax period to which your payment relates.