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Te kati i tētahi kamupene Closing down a company


For any company that is closing down, there are a number of steps you need to take. We recommend that you call us and talk about closing your business. We can answer any of your questions. It also means we will not send you any more letters or returns.

Stop paying GST

You need to: 

  • cancel your GST registration
  • file your final GST return.

Stop employment

If you employ staff, you need to: 

  • cancel your employer registration in myIR 
  • do the last payday file for employees.

Final steps 

All companies need to: 

  • file a final Companies income tax return - IR4
  • store business records
  • get a letter from us saying we do not object to their removal from the Companies Register
  • start the process of getting removed from the Companies Register with the Companies Office.