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Resurgence Support Payments (RSPs) Resurgence Support Payment (RSPs) – Applications have opened for a 6th RSP payment. Applications for the first 3 payments close at midnight on 1 December. Find out more

We’re updating the Proof of Debt in October 2021 when we update our system.

The two main updates are around payment allocation and the period balances. The layout of the Proof of Debt will also look different, eg penalties will be displayed in one column, these were previously separated into a different column for each penalty type.

Information for other customers can be found in these pages:

Debt and insolvency

How personal insolvency and bankruptcy affects your tax

A Proof of Debt contains a cover letter, the Unsecured Creditor's Claim form and a Statement of Account to support the claim. The Proof of Debt for each period of arrears will be broken up by tax type, period, amount of assessment, penalties, and interest, with a further breakdown showing preferential and non-preferential arrears.

You can find more detailed information of the changes in the PDF.

Last updated: 26 Sep 2021
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