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Over the last weekend in February, we’re making system changes as we continue to make tax more straightforward. This includes changes to paid parental leave, foreign trusts, duties and unclaimed monies.

From 5pm Friday 26 February to Monday 1 March, myIR and SPK2IR will be unavailable and our phone lines will be closed. Customers using software will also be affected. Our offices remain closed, as usual, over the weekend.

During this time, we’re still working on all critical matters related to tax entitlements and payment obligations.

  • Payments, including Working for Families, will still be made.
  • You can still pay your bill through your bank as you normally would.
  • Our website remains available.
  • You can still submit returns to us by E-File during this period - we'll process them when we're back online.

Please note: If you have drafts saved for returns or secure mail in myIR, make sure you finish them before 4pm on Friday 26 February. This way you will not lose them, as they will be deleted after this deadline. GST filing cannot be completed during this time.

What's changing for paid parental leave for individuals

What's changing for New Zealand foreign trusts

What's changing for unclaimed money

GST filing and payments

Monthly and bi-monthly GST payments, returns and provisional tax instalments are due by 28 February. This date falls on a Sunday, so we’ve extended the deadline to Monday 1 March to submit before late fees apply. Provisional tax instalments are also due Monday 1 March.

GST filing cannot be completed during this closure. Our systems will be back up and running the morning of 1 March. However, we recommend that you plan ahead and file in advance of this weekend, if possible.

Employment Information (EI) returns

Employment Information (EI) returns for Payday Filing that are due over the weekend closure can be filed early, if you're able. The days during the temporary shutdown will not count as working days for filing periods.

Working for Families payments

Working for Families payments will not be affected by this closure. If you normally receive your weekly payment on a Tuesday, your next payment will be Tuesday 2 March.

If you normally receive your weekly payment on a Wednesday, your next payment will be Wednesday 3 March.