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Te tono i tētahi aromatawai tātai i Aotearoa - matua Apply for a formula assessment in NZ - parent


Gather your information

You will need all of these:

  • IRD numbers for you and your children
  • your bank account details
  • your child's birth certificate
  • proof of parentage
  • information about the other parent or carers.

Download the form

To have child support based on a formula assessment you need to apply to us. 

If you believe using your real name will cause safety concerns for you, a carer, or your child, we may be able to leave your name out when communicating with the other parent. Attach any relevant documents to this form. For example a court order, police report, a letter from a social worker or Work and Income, or a letter from your doctor. 

Sign the form and send it to us

If you used the form check you have included your correct information and any documents we need.

What happens next

My responsibilities