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Te tono kia noho hei takawaenga Apply to become an intermediary

You will need to have 10 or more clients to become an intermediary. If an entity is applying to be a tax agent, bookkeeper, payroll bureau, or other representative we will need declarations from their key office holders.

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Choose the type of intermediary you want to become

  • Tax agents can act on a client’s behalf for tax and social policy activities.
  • Bookkeepers typically represent clients for GST and PAYE.
  • Payroll bureau act for clients PAYE and associated tax activities.
  • Other representatives can act on a clients’ behalf for tax and social policy activities.
  • PAYE intermediaries take care of employer’s obligations, including paying employees and meeting record-filing requirements.

Fill out the details for your application

You will need:

  • your details as a representative
  • your professional details
  • a statutory declaration
  • the names and IRD numbers of your clients.

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