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Te tiritiri whakapaunga mō ngā kāinga hararei Apportion expenses for holiday homes


Some of your holiday home expenses relate to both income-earning and private use. These expenses must be apportioned. You need to work out these expenses to deduct them from your income.

Add income-earning and private use expenses together

This is the expense total you need to apportion.

Count the days when your holiday home was used

These are your income-earning and private use days over the income year.

This is your total usage.

Divide your income-earning days by total usage

This is your divided amount.

Multiply the expense total by your divided amount

This is your apportioned expenses.

Add your apportioned expenses to your fully deductible expenses

This is your total deductible expenses. You can deduct these expenses from the income you earnt from the holiday home.