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Te whakaoti i te puka mōhiohio hokonga rawa Complete a property sale information form


Complete this form if you had a taxable property sale during the year and you're showing the income from the sale in the ‘Other income’ box of your tax return. 

You need to complete this even if you include the income in your Financial statements summary – IR10.

Gather your information

You’ll need:

  • the property title number (this is on your land title)
  • dates of purchase and sale
  • the sale price.

Complete your property sale information return in myIR

You can post us a paper form instead.

Print and attach your completed property sale information form to your income tax return. 

Send it to:

Inland Revenue
PO Box 39010
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045

If you sold more than 5 taxable properties in the year, you can choose to send a list including all of the information requested in this form, rather than completing separate IR833 forms for each one.

Property sale information IR833 (PDF 122KB) Download form