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Send us a proposal to pay any amounts you owe by instalment if you cannot afford to pay in full before the due date. You can also propose to pay amounts that are not due for payment yet.

Check what you'll need

Before you start check you have:

  • your IRD number
  • details of your current financial situation, including your weekly ‘after tax’ income
  • details of the amounts you want to pay off. These will be on your statement or in your myIR account.

Complete the proposal online

You can propose an instalment arrangement in myIR.

Instalments for some debt amounts cannot be set up through myIR. You can propose arrangements for these amounts by using our online form. 

What happens next

We’ll review your proposal and contact you within 3 working days to either:

  • let you know our decision
  • ask for more information to help us decide.

We charge interest on amounts outstanding after the due date. You need to pay any interest we charge during the instalment arrangement as part of the overall instalment arrangement amount.