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Te tātai i te hekenga haere o te wāriu Work out diminishing value depreciation


This method uses a rate of an asset's adjusted tax value each year. The depreciation deduction gets lower over an asset’s life.

This method is sometimes called the written down value or tax book value.

Find your asset's rate

You must find the depreciation rate used for your asset and method.

Depreciate using the cost value

For the first year depreciate using the rate and cost value of the asset.

The new adjusted tax value for the asset is its cost value less how much you depreciated.

If you bought office equipment for $10,000 and depreciated it by 33%, the depreciation amount would be $3,300. The adjusted tax value of the equipment would be $6,700.

Depreciate using the adjusted tax value

Each year depreciate the asset by the same rate and its new adjusted tax value.

You only depreciate assets while they are used in your business.

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