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Te moni whiwhi e utu tāke ai koe Income you pay tax on


Your taxable income

Everything you earn in a tax year that you need to pay tax on is your taxable income.

Some examples of taxable income include:

Income from working

  • salary or wages from New Zealand and overseas
  • self-employment
  • casual or 'under the table' jobs
  • tips from customers
  • ACC compensation
  • some bonuses and allowances.

Income from benefits

  • Work and Income benefits
  • student allowances.

Income from assets and investments

  • savings accounts and investments in New Zealand and overseas
  • KiwiSaver
  • tenants or holiday homes
  • overseas property
  • Māori Authority distributions
  • sales of some capital assets.

Income from prizes or volunteering

  • interest you earn from investing the money from Lotto or Bonus Bonds winnings
  • some money from volunteering.