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Te kimi aweretanga i te here kia utu i te tāke kaiponu kainoho (RWT) Getting an exemption from paying RWT


You can apply for an exemption from paying RWT if you:

  • have earned or think you'll earn more than $2 million a year, or
  • can prove you’ll have losses, or an RWT refund, of $500 or more.

Tell your payer (bank or fund manager) if you have a certificate of exemption, and what the expiry date is.

When we can cancel your exemption

We might cancel your certificate of exemption if you:

  • gave misleading information in your application
  • no longer meet the conditions it was issued for
  • do not meet the $2 million target (if applicable) or give us satisfactory evidence of your income
  • do not pay your income tax by the due date.

We'll tell you if you we cancel your exemption. You’ll need to tell your payer within 5 working days.