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The following steps outline how E-File works.

Step 1: You send documents to us

You can use any internet service provider to use E-File. How you connect and send data to us will depend on the software package you use.

Step 2: You receive a confirmation message

We'll send you a confirmation message to let you know your your transmission was successful. You'll receive this within two hours of submitting your data to us. You must be logged in to the E-File front end processor to read this message.

Step 3: Auto-linking happens

Once we've received your documents our mainframe will produce a file with your:

  • IRD number
  • client's IRD number
  • location number.

Our client registration system will check the tax agent or agency the client is linked to. If the client is linked to an agent or agency with a different IRD number, our system will automatically change the link. The exception to this is for personal tax summary requests and confirmations.

Once you've filed a client's return through E-File we won't send you a taxpack for that client for the following year.