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On 28 October 2021, we introduced a system change that will help you manage client letters from us more effectively.

When downloading letters from the All client mail service in bulk using the ‘Export to zip’ function the ‘mail type’ code is included in the file path. The list linked below provides all the current mail type codes and the title of each letter item to assist with identifying what each letter is about.

This reference list only contains letters that publish electronically as these are the only ones available in myIR (or in the Document service). There is still a small volume of letters that will always print as paper for various reasons.

In general, letters from our new system are formatted as 2 letters followed by 4 numbers.

Mail type reference list

(Updated 9 September 2021)

File path examples

[IRD number or account ID]_[Mail type code]_[Unique letter ID]_[Period (if exists)]_[Client name truncated to 65 characters].pdf


  • Customer level letter: 111-111-111_bL0025_L1234567890_Smith, Sally A.pdf - is a Summary of account letter
  • Account level letter: 111-111-111-GST003_cL0014_L1234567890_COMPANY ONE LIMITED.pdf - is a Credit transfer notification
  • Period level letter: 111-111-111-INC002_rL0186_L1234567890_31-03-2020_TRUSTEES IN THE SMITH FAMILY TRUST.pdf - is an Income tax return acknowledgement

Note: The export function for the All client mail service is only available from the Intermediary centre to Owner, Administrator and Restricted administrators of registered intermediaries.

Last updated: 12 Sep 2021
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