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myIR outage

For system maintenance, some myIR services will be unavailable between 10pm Saturday 15 June and 6am Sunday 16 June. Thank you for your patience.

Ngā utunga ki te KiwiSaver ina utua koe ki te utu whakamatuatanga tiaki pēpē KiwiSaver contributions on paid parental leave


To make KiwiSaver contributions from your paid parental leave payments you will need to send us a completed KiwiSaver deduction form - KS2.

There are no employer contributions from paid parental leave payments.

You can also make your own payments to your KiwiSaver provider. Contact them to find out how to do this.

If you do not contribute to KiwiSaver while you're on paid parental leave, you may not qualify for a HomeStart grant. For more information check out the KiwiSaver website.