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Working for Families is made up of four parts.

In-work tax credit

The in-work tax credit payment is available for working families. Couples need to normally work at least a combined 30 hours a week. Single parents need to normally work at least 20 hours a week. Provided you work the required hours, you can get the in-work tax credit if you receive:

  • salary or wages
  • self-employed income
  • paid parental leave
  • accident compensation
  • NZ Superannuation
  • a Foster Care Allowance
  • an Orphan's Benefit
  • an Unsupported Child Benefit.

It's not available to families receiving an income-tested benefit or student allowance.

Minimum family tax credit

If your annual family income is $26,572 or less after tax, you may be able to get the minimum family tax credit payment. This payment tops up your family's income to at least $511 a week after tax.

To get this payment you must be working for salary or wages. A single parent must be working at least 20 hours a week. In a two parent family, one or both parents between them, must be working at least 30 hours a week. 

It's not available to families receiving an income-tested benefit. 

Family tax credit

The family tax credit payment is made for each dependent child in the family. The payment depends on the annual family income and number of dependent children.

Best Start

Best Start is a payment of $60 a week for families with a new baby. 

Families who qualify for Best Start will get the payment until their baby turns 1, no matter how much they earn.

You can still get Best Start until your child turns 3 if you earn under $93,858. The amount you get will depend on your family income.

Best Start begins when paid parental leave finishes.

Can I get Working for Families

Check if you're eligible to get Working for Families and use our calculator to work out what you might get.