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To send us unclaimed money, follow the steps below.

If you have less than 5 customer records you can just put the information in the body of an email.

Where there are 5 records or more, please attach them to the email in an Excel spreadsheet. If you do not hold the information or it is not relevant for the customer, please leave that field blank.

Gather your information

You must include full details where you hold them, for example full name rather than initials. For accounts owned by more than one person, make sure you list all owners. When a claim comes in from someone we need to take due diligence to ensure they are the rightful owner of the money.

In your email or spreadsheet add the owners of the unclaimed money's details, including:

  • Amount unclaimed in $NZ
  • Last name/Surname (use this field for multiple names/organisations/companies)
  • First names
  • Title
  • IRD numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Email address(s)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Account / Client / Holder / Policy / Reference Numbers
  • Address 1 (street)
  • Address 2 (suburb)
  • Address 4 (country)
  • Other information – include any other information about the owners that could help us reunite them with their funds. For example, when the last time was you had contact from them, type of account, type of money.  If the amount you sent us has been converted from foreign currency – for example unused traveller's cheques, please include, the value of foreign currency.

Make a payment

Make a payment using myPayTax through your bank, using the UCM – Unclaimed Monies tax type.

If you do not have access to myPayTax, you can pay electronically to our bank account.

Inland Revenue Department

Foreign currency amounts must be converted to NZ dollars.

Send us your schedule

Send your schedule and let us know you've made the payment.

Include the following in your email:

  • Your name and IRD number or your organisation's name and IRD number.
  •  The bank account number you made the payment from, so we can easily locate it.

What happens next

We will send you a receipt once we have processed your payment and schedule.

Sometimes we may contact you to clarify information about a customer. We will generally get in touch if:

  • the name information is missing or limited to an initial
  • address details seem incorrect
  • the payment does not match the total amount on the information sent to us.