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Consolidated letters to employers is one of the changes we made from April 2020, however there has been a delay in issuing these. We'll start to send 2 new letters (in myIR or by post) from 13 May 2020 (redirect rules will be followed).

The letters will advise employers of changes they need to make to, or notifications about, any employees. We'll send these letters weekly, usually at the beginning of each week with the previous week’s data. These letters are now consolidated, which means instead of getting 1 letter per employee, all employees affected by a change or notification will be displayed on each letter respectively.

We know these may drive more contact back to you, so we wanted to let you know that we are starting to send them out.

Changes letter

This letter will advise the employer of any employees they need to:

  • change, start or stop KiwiSaver employee deductions and employer contributions for
  • change, start or stop student loan deductions for
  • apply the non-notified rate to because they have no IRD number (or supply their IRD number).

Notification letter

This letter will notify the employer of any employees that have had a:

  • student loan special deduction rate issued or ended
  • student loan repayment deduction exemption issued or ended
  • tailored tax code or rate issued.

It will also advise if incorrect student loan deductions have been identified on an employment information return.

We may expand these letters in the future to be able to inform employers of other types of changes and notifications. We'll give you as much notice as we can in advance of these being implemented.

Amending an employer information return

You can make an amendment to a return that has been submitted to us. How you make an amendment depends on how it was filed. If you filed using:

  • payroll software, use the amendment process recommended by your software developer
  • the on-screen input in myIR, use the amendment process in myIR .

Amend an employment information return in myIR