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In 2019 as part of Business Transformation, we introduced a new process where tax agents could redirect their clients’ refunds into their tax agency’s trust account if they had written permission to do so as part of their authority to act. Tax agents needed to contact their account manager to set up a disbursement account.

We have identified that some tax agents are not following this process. If your tax agency’s bank account has been added to your clients’ profile incorrectly, please ensure you remove your bank account from your client’s profile and update their bank account details. You can do this in myIR > search customer's IR number > click on account panel > more > update refund bank account. Filing a client’s income tax return is an opportunity for you to check and update the bank account details.

Any tax agent bank accounts found to be incorrectly loaded will be removed after 31 December 2022.

To find out more about linking clients and using the refund redirect function, please read our IR1109C fact sheet.

Last updated: 05 Sep 2022
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