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When a tax payment due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, it is shifted to the next working day. As 28 January 2023 will fall on a Saturday, the due date for any tax payments due on this day will become the next working day - 30 January 2023.

  • For provisional tax customers, if the 2022 income tax return is filed on or before the due date (30 January 2023) the provisional tax calculation is based on 105% of the residual income tax in that return
  • For clients with an extension of time, the 2022 income tax return needs to be filed on or after 31 January 2023 to calculate provisional tax based on the 110% uplift from the prior year’s return

Please note that for provincial anniversary days only, customers located in the province that is celebrating its anniversary and who usually make payments over-the-counter at Westpac, will have their payment treated as being received in time if received on or before the next working day.

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2022
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