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Do you file paper IR3 returns?

We've updated the 2022 IR3 to correct an error in the tax calculation section.

You'll find the updated IR3 here on our website, and from now on, all IR3s mailed out to customers will be correct.

What was the error?

Box 29 in the IR3 didn't tell you to include your self-employed income from box 25.

The paper version of the IR3 mailed to customers ‒ and published on our website ‒ before today contained the error.

Already received your paper IR3?

Please complete it and file it as normal. If you've already filed your return, you don't need to do anything.

Our systems will calculate your tax correctly, and your assessment will show the right refund or amount of tax to pay.

Not yet received your paper IR3?

The return you receive in the mail shortly and the PDF version currently downloadable from our website both include the corrected tax calculation section.

What if you file the e-version of the IR3?

The online version of the IR3 has always included a correct tax calculation section.

When is your IR3 tax return due?

Please send us your return by 7 July unless you have a tax agent or an extension of time.

Individual income tax return - IR3

Complete my individual income tax return - IR3

Last updated: 26 May 2022
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